• Pioneering "Exascale" Storage — Global access for all types of next-generation applications

    Transform IT with ECS: a multi-purpose, smart storage that bridges the gap between legacy and modern applications.



      With multi-site scalability


      7.8 PB per rack

      For all your next-gen apps data



      Compared to a leading public cloud services provider

  • IDC Validation

    Dell EMC ECS — Blueprint for Exascale Storage

    The IDC analyst Ashish NadKarni talked about how next-generation applications can be disruptive to organizations' IT infrastructure and why Dell EMC ECS is an ideal object-based storage platform for next-generation applications.

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  • Deployment Flexibility

    Designed as a software-defined storage platform, ECS provides you the ability to deploy ECS on your terms — as a turnkey storage appliance, as a software-only solution designed to run on industry-standard hardware, or as an ECS dedicated cloud service.

    Blueprint for Exascale Storage

    With “Exabyte scale" storage, IT organizations can manage billions of multi-size objects with ease. ECS is optimized to support ingest of and access to both small and large files with strong global consistency.

    Multiprotocol Enterprise Data Lake Platform

    ECS was purpose-built to natively support multiple data access protocols (object, HDFS and file) on a single platform, eliminating the need for separate add-on gateways which can become a bottleneck or single point of failure.

    Secure and Compliant Data Governance

    ECS eliminates data residency and compliance risks associated with public cloud storage, simplifying data governance and management with instant metadata search, analytics enabled by HDFS, and built-in optimizations for speed and storage efficiency.

    Ease of Management

    Like public cloud storage, ECS is simple to manage as a singular entity from a central location with its globally distributed infrastructure.

    Built-in Backup and Disaster Recovery

    ECS protects data through geo-replication, maintaining multiple copies of data in different places around the world so that applications in any location can access data quickly.


    Siemens: Achieving Lower TCO and Improving Data Security with ECS

    Frederik Janssen, Global Head of IT Infrastructure at Siemens and Jon Huberman, CEO of Syncplicity discuss how Siemens can save millions of dollars a month by transforming their customers’ organizations with ECS while at the same time, achieving better data security and sovereignty.

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